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5508 WLC access to different certificates

It is necessary to provide access to different SSID for different certificates. Now there SSID WiFi-X, which uses user certificates or PC. I need to create a unique certificate based on which devices can only connect to a specific SSID, such as WiFi-I. Available: WLC 5508 AD CS, NPS.
Can it be done? Where to read how?


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Thanks for answer. We did

Thanks for answer. We did like this.

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Hi, Sergey, Not sure what

Hi, Sergey,


Not sure what exactly you're looking for. So, please, correct me, if I misinterpret your question.

If you'd like to check against user's certificate upon the network connection, then you need to trust the CA, who issued this certs (in your case it's your CA).

For example, if you had an ISE, you could make ISE to trust your CA and all clients, who were using certificates from your CA, will be allowed to connect (of course, additional checks can be done as well, like SSID checks).

So, all in all, it's more the task for your authentication server, not for the WLC. If you'd like to use WLC as your auth server then the answer is no, it's too advanced functionality for the internal auth server.



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Thanks for answer. We did

Thanks for answer. We did like this.

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