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2 different ACS servers

I have an existing ACS V2.4 NT server for authenticating dial-in users arriving on a 3640. While this NT server keeps running we will install a newer V3.0

ACS on another (Win2000) server sitting in a new Win2000 domain.

How do I setup the 3640 so he keeps authenticating the old users to the V2.4

ACS NT server and the 'new' users to the new V3.0 ACS Win2000 server ?

Is this somehow possible ?



Cisco Employee

Re: 2 different ACS servers

You don't. you can't set up the router to send some users to "this" ACS server and some users to "that" one. You'll have to set up the new ACS server to authenticate both sets of users, then you can change the IP address on it to match the old server and then take your old server offline. This way you don't have to change all your NAS configurations. Of course, if you only have the one NAS, then you cna simply set up the new ACS server to authenticate both sets of users, then change your NAS config to just point to the new ACS server.

If you do end up changing the IP address of the ACS server after you've installed ACS, make sure you change the registry value here:


to be the new IP address. Note that x.x in the registry key above is the version of ACS you're running.

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