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AAA disable user when there is no activity


Is it possible to disable a user if there is no activity over a specific time.

I have about 500 users configured on ACS4.1 and i realy don't know if they are still alive. I know there is a possibility to disable users with the "password will expired in...." option but this is not the same.


Re: AAA disable user when there is no activity

No, there is no as such options as of now.

Your options are

* Never. Select this option to keep the user's account always enabled.

* Disable account if. Select this option to disable the account under the circumstances you specify by selecting a check box and typing information in one of the following fields.

Date exceeds. To disable an account after a certain date, select this check box and specify the date.

Failed attempts exceed. To disable this account after a certain number of failed login attempts, select this check box and type the number of failed attempts after which to disable the account.

Failed attempts since last successful login. This counter shows the number of unsuccessful login attempts since the last time this user logged in successfully.

Reset current failed attempts count on submit. If an account is disabled because the failed attempts count has been exceeded, select this check box and select Submit to reset the failed attempts counter for this user to zero and reinstate the account.



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