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AAA Encryption


I would like to find out how AAA does its encryption (or at least what it uses). I saw another conversation where it was mentioned that the username & password from the workstation to the switch is in clear text, and only the passwords from the switch to the AAA server is encrypted .. not very helpful!... but what abt. the rest of the telnet session... eg any show or config commands. Other than using SSH, is there any other way. I do not want to use SSH as I would then lose functionality of Campus Manager & DFM (Ciscoworks)

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Re: AAA Encryption

You're not really talking aobut AAA encryption here, cause you seem to be more worried about the telnet session between the client and the switch. This session really doesn't have anything to do with AAA other than initially prompting you for a username/password, it's still just a telnet session, and as per the telnet spec none of this traffic is encrypted. Passwords, the config, everything that goes over this session is susceptible to being captured, AAA has nothing to do with encrypting this traffic. If you want your session to be encrypted then you have to use something like SSH, no way around it.

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