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AAA problem accessing 6500/CSM Gui with SecureID

Hi Guys,

Currently having trouble with AAA auth using secureID tokens when trying to access the built in Ciscoview (v1.1) for the 6500 and CSM.

The current AAA works absolutely fine when telneting to the device using secureID and have set up http authentication to a local account. Bringing up the initial homepage for the 6500 also works fine using the local account - as soon as I try to access the CSM or 6500 I get prompted for the level 15 telnet authentication (which should be secureID and works normally) but if I enter this it just loops and asks for the credentials again.

I've pasted the aaa config below

aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ enable

aaa accounting exec default stop-only group tacacs+

aaa accounting commands 15 default stop-only group tacacs+

aaa accounting system default stop-only group tacacs+


tacacs-server host x.x.16.28

tacacs-server timeout 10

tacacs-server directed-request

I've attached the debug aaa auth files

I have proved it works fine by disabling the CSAuth service on the ACS box rolling the whole lot back to the local enable password. This works an I can access the Ciscoview pages as expected

Any idea's??

James Robertson

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Re: AAA problem accessing 6500/CSM Gui with SecureID

Hi James,

For http authentication via tacacs+ we will need to have the following :-

1. aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ local

2. the user/user's group should have "privilege level" (under TACACS+ Settings) selected and set to 15.

Basically http authentication requires the user to have privilege 15 assigned by the tacacs server.

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Re: AAA problem accessing 6500/CSM Gui with SecureID

Thanks vsantuka,

i do not have a problem with the http auth - this is covered with local auth account to get the initial GUI up and running.

The GUI itself uses Telnet to get the running config to display the details. Its this part of the auth that fails. Straight telnet from the same box works fine but trying to use the GUI it fails


James Robertson

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