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AAA question on FWSM

Hi All,

I've researched this issue and could not find a way to resolve it.

If one of our ACS servers becomes unavailable the FWSM context marks it as Failed, and disables it. Is there an easy way to re-enable the ACS server on the FWSM context?


Jose Ribeiro

Server Group:    ACS-Servers

Server Protocol: tacacs+

Server Address:

Server port:     49

Server status:   FAILED, Server disabled at 13:04:36 EST Sat Feb 18 2012

Number of pending requests              0

Average round trip time                 5ms

Number of authentication requests       4

Number of authorization requests        0

Number of accounting requests           0

Number of retransmissions               0

Number of accepts                       1

Number of rejects                       3

Number of challenges                    0

Number of malformed responses           0

Number of bad authenticators            0

Number of timeouts                      0

Number of unrecognized responses        0


AAA question on FWSM

Hi ,

Have you tried to configure deadtime ?

"Specify the amount of time that will elapse between the disabling of the last server in the group and the

subsequent re-enabling of all servers."

Default 10 minutes.


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AAA question on FWSM

I am seeing the same thing.  How did you resolve this?  Thanks!

AAA question on FWSM

You should try "reactivation mode timed"

aaa-server ACS protocol radius

   reactivation-mode timed

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AAA question on FWSM

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

@eduardoaliaga, @Dan-Ciprian Cicioiu - I've configured the firewalls with the 'reactivation-mode timed' but it did not work for aaa-servers already in FAILED status. It worked well if the server failed after the command was issued, but not before.

@STEVE DUSSAULT - Steve, I had to remove the configuration and add it back in. I know it sounds dumb, but it was the only way I could solve it. I has not able to find a document that would give me any other option. The only thing I found was regarding the 'reactivation-mode' command, but as I explained above it only works if the server fails after the command is issued. Servers that were in failed state did not recover after the command was entered.



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