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AAA Radius Authentication for Calling Card Platform


I am using AS5350 and I am using it for calling card application using Clear Box as my RADIUS Server for AAA. My question now, how would I know if cisco is sending the dtmf for "enter card" on the RADIUS server ? Does the card number included on the VSA ? below are my configurations and the debug info. The problem here is that the card number that I entered doesn't able to match against the configuration on my Clear Box/SQL Database. I want to know what should I expect from CiscoAS5350 to send a vsa for enter_card_number ?

aaa new-model



aaa group server radius ClearBox

server auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813


aaa authentication login default local

aaa authentication login h323 group ClearBox

aaa authorization exec h323 group ClearBox

aaa accounting exec default start-stop group ClearBox

aaa accounting network default start-stop group ClearBox

aaa accounting connection h323 start-stop group ClearBox

aaa session-id unique

radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813

radius-server key 7 0355481F031F761D

radius-server vsa send accounting

radius-server vsa send authentication


call application voice prepaid tftp://

call application voice prepaid pin-len 10

call application voice prepaid warning-time 300

call application voice prepaid redirect-number 8662195822

call application voice prepaid language 1 en

call application voice prepaid language 2 sp

call application voice prepaid language 3 ch

call application voice prepaid set-location en 0 tftp://

call application voice prepaid set-location sp 0 tftp://

call application voice prepaid set-location ch 0 tftp://


gw-accounting aaa



Getting session id for NET(00003600) : db=6418E654

AA/ACCT/NET(00003600): add, count 1

Getting session id for NET(00003601) : db=6410D098

AAA/ACCT/NET(00003601): add, count 1

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): Pick method list 'h323'

AAA/ACCT/SETMLIST(00003601): Handle 94000002, mlist 62D3B124, Name h323

Getting session id for CONN(00003601) : db=6410D098

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): Queueing record is START

AAA/ACCT(00003601): Accouting method=ClearBox (RADIUS)


AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): START protocol reply PASS


AAA/ACCT/HC(00003601): Update VOICE/000020D3

AAA/ACCT/HC(00003601): VOICE/000020D3 [sess] (rx/tx) base 0/0 pre 0/0 call 0/0

AAA/ACCT/HC(00003601): VOICE/000020D3 [sess] (rx/tx) adjusted, pre 0/0 call 0/0

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): Queueing record is STOP osr 1

AAA/ACCT(00003601): del node, session 174133

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): free_rec, count 1

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): Setting session id 174144 : db=6410D098

AAA/ACCT/HC(00003601): Update VOICE/000020D3

AAA/ACCT/HC(00003601): Deregister VOICE/000020D3


AAA/ACCT/CALL STOP(00003601): Sending stop requests

AAA/ACCT(00003601): Send all stops

AAA/ACCT/NET(00003601): STOP

AAA/ACCT/NET(00003601): Method list not found

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601): STOP protocol reply PASS

AAA/ACCT/CONN(00003601) Record not present


Re: AAA Radius Authentication for Calling Card Platform

VSAs are collected by the RADIUS server during the accounting process when AAA is configured with the Debit Card feature. Data items are collected for each call leg created on the gateway. A call leg is the internal representation of a connection on the gateway. Each call made through the gateway consists of two call legs: incoming and outgoing. The call leg information emitted by the gateways can be correlated by the connection ID, which is the same for all call legs of a connection.

Use the H.323 VSA method of accounting when configuring the AAA application.

There are two modes:

•Overloaded Session-ID

Use the gw-accounting h323 syslog command to configure this mode.


Use the gw-accounting h323 vsa command to configure this mode.