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ACS 3.3 (appliance) max request supported

Hi all,

is it documented the max number of request supported for ACS 3.3 appliance version?

Our customer has two ACS (primary and secondary) and i see that pix (aaa client) sends a lot of request to the secondary one. AAA is used to authenticate and authorize all outbound traffic in a network within about 1000 users.

My doubt is that primary ACS doesn't support the amount of request generated by the pix, so they are diverted to the second one . What do you think about?

Thanks in advance


Re: ACS 3.3 (appliance) max request supported

Hmm, if you had the s/w version Id suggest using perfmon to watch the AAA traffic and thread utilisation counters.

Is your traffic RADIUS or TACACS?

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Re: ACS 3.3 (appliance) max request supported


we have the engine solution (appliance).

We use TACACS and it's not easy to change to RADIUS.. network too large.

Thanks for the response.

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Re: ACS 3.3 (appliance) max request supported


I have the same question as you do. Ours are also the appliance version. But we use them for RADIUS(and PEAP) authentication.(over 2000 users) I think we met performance problem but the counters(CPU and other service usage rate) in ACS is very low.


Re: ACS 3.3 (appliance) max request supported

If you use the appliance version of cssupport to create a package cab and pull it down, you can look in the radius server logs (rds.log) for

"server too busy" messages.

If you see these its because CSRadius has run out of spare worker threads.

The default number of threads can be increased via the registry if needed.

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