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ACS 4.0 with LDAP on Novell 6.5

Hi everybody,

I want to configure an external database( a Novell 6.5 server) connection with SSL.

I enter all correct information about common LDAP configuration

and in my LDAP server

I enter the ip adress of my server

the port number 636

I use LDAP v3

I check use secure authentification

I specified a certificate DB Path who's located on my ACS server.

A certificate that I export from my Novell Server, it's produce a Rootcert.der file or a .b64. I can't make a .db file

So when I enter the path C:\rootcert.der I submit my config, it's works, and when I try to map the group, it's give me an error that he can't reach to LDAP server

I try to rename the rootcert.der to rootcert.db or cert7.db and it's doesn't work too.

If I log LDAP trace on my Novell server I see that he try to connect but give an error SSL23 get client hello:unknown protocol (I Attach a screenshot of the error)

So what can I do to make my connection successful.



Re: ACS 4.0 with LDAP on Novell 6.5

The TLS or SSL connection is not getting established. Make sure you have the date and time correct on both the systems. Do you see any authentication screen?

Community Member

Re: ACS 4.0 with LDAP on Novell 6.5

The LDAP config page requires a cert7.db file which is different from .der files.

cert7.db contains 2-3 certificates and can be created using Netscape.

There is also a utility available from Mozilla which can be used to create cert7.db (documents only suggest Netscape).

ACS 4.0 has some other options for certificates also (which are easier to implement) though I do not remember them off-hand.

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