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ACS 4.1 and SFS 7000P authentication

<p>hi All,</p>

<p>We have a ACS 4.1 in our network, everything works as expected except a SFS 7000 aaa authentication.</p>

<p>When using tacacs+, ACS reports "key mismatch". When using Radius, ACS reports "ACS password invalid". (key and password are correct as they work for other devices")</p>

<p>SFS 700P is runing version 2.9.0 releng #170.</p>

<p>We use radiusthenlocal method , it's very odd that when  using lcoal username/password, we are able to login even ACS report authentication failed.</p>

<p>Could anyone help please? thanks/</p>


New Member

Re: ACS 4.1 and SFS 7000P authentication

You description implies that the SFS7000 is not encrypting the packets correctly. You should check with those folks to see if they know about this problem. This problem may be related to CSCse39550

New Member

Re: ACS 4.1 and SFS 7000P authentication

hi jhillend,

Thank you for your reply. we are aware of CSCse39550 and CSCse38550 but Cisco website says they have fixed them in version 2.9.0 releng #170 which we are running. Look like they have not fixed them yet.

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