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Hi all,

           We are having a little bit of dilema with our ACS server. The actual server that we are having issue with was a physical box that was just seat there doing nothing. So We have decided to put it in production;therefore, we have converted the physical box in vm. We never knew if there was any issue with the physical box, there must have-why it seat  there doing nothing???!!

Now the box is a virtual, cert installed, host are able to authenticate using EAP/TLS and MS-PEAP(wired and wireless). But the problem with the box is it keeps freezing up and loosing packets on regular basis. Our Network Admin guy has changed the NIC which didn't helps. Now, are getting at a point where you want to rebuild the physical box and re-install ACS. My question are:

1. As the ACS does have a backup directory at  C:\Program Files\CiscoSecure ACS v4.2\CSAuth\System Backups, can I use the most recent backup file on the new VM Machine? If yes how? Remember, i have found the server seat there doing nothing;therefore, I do not have ACS software on a disk. I only have what is on the machine!

2. How to migrate the Backup file from the current VM to the new VM Machine? If I want to migrate to 5.1, do I need to buy a license or can i just download the software on the cisco web site?

These are the specs of the current VM machine and the new VM machine will likely have the same specs. And the VM server is ESX 4.1

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Standard Edition
Service Pack2

Machine Spec
Dell Server PE1800
Intel(R) Xeron CPU
E5335@ 2.00GHZ
1.99GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM


---Jean Paul

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