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ACS 4.2 NDG problem

Hi I have ACS appliance installed at 2 sites. In one of the Appliance, under (Not Assigned) NDG the AAA server was reflecting as Self with IP address & with the other one under AAA servers exact ip address of the appliance was reflecting with server name AAA. I had added the 1st server in 2nd server's unassigned NDC and 2nd server in 1st's unassigned NDC.

After that I configured the 1st server for outbound replication and 2nd for inbound replication with "Network Configuration Device tables" selected. After manual replication I found in 2nd appliances under unassigned NDG, server entry with name self and IP address , along with teh second entry self and its own IP address are there. Now I am neither able to add the 1st server's entry to NDG grop(Error: host already exist) or DElete/edit the self with ip adress. Can anybody help me to delete this entry from the database pls?

I dont have any backup previously and the ACS is live.

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Re: ACS 4.2 NDG problem

Hi all, I am using ACS SE 4.2 . Can i edit the IP address for record "Self" under AAA servers table under not assigned NDG, as the Ip address of self is showing

Also can reinitialize the data base because one of the server's entry is not appearing under Not assigned NDG but during if i am trying to add the server error" Host already exists" comming.

Pls help me as i am stack at this point.

Re: ACS 4.2 NDG problem


You need to reimage appliance and configure it again and ensure that bottom nic is connected to the network at the time of setting up IP address via console.



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