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ACS 4.2 - Need Help



 I have been stucked on a issue. I have two ACS 4.2 servers running on different locations. Both ACS server cak talk to each other.

A network administrator before me configured and set up ACS(TACACS). I  am not able to find out that in which way he had set up it.

The problem i am facing here that if one ACS server gets unreachable or goes down, i dont be able to login through TACACS while another ACS server is up  & running.

 I have configured both ACS server host on cisco network devices.

But now i want to completely decommision this server which was unreachable so that issue doenst face again.

Pls tell me how could i do this successfully.

New Member

Hi Anukalp, Decommissioning

Hi Anukalp,


Decommissioning the ACS is not the problem, if you have a backup tacacs server configured on all the devices then you can go ahead and shut down the concern ACS, all the network devices will automatically fall back to secondary ACS server.

Then gradually you can remove the IP address of the decommissioned ACS from all the network devices.

Note: If you think that your secondary ACS is not configured properly like the other one then you can replicate the configuration by using the below given link:


Thanks & Regards,


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