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ACS 5.0

I have just installed the ACS 1120 appliance with ACS 5.0. It was working fine for about a week. Now however I am getting the following error message when I try to start monitoring: The monitoring and reports database is currently unavailable. Attempting to reconnect in 5 seconds.

New Member

Re: ACS 5.0

Hi there,

i thin kthe answer is in a previous post.

using the CLI, enter the following command:

show applicaion status acs

That should tell you wether all the services are running.

Anyway I fixed by reloading the box (which is not great).


New Member

Re: ACS 5.0

I have checked the application status and it states that all processes are running. This includes the database process. I also have now reloaded the box at least 10 times with no change.

Cisco Employee

Re: ACS 5.0

If all services are running, then it could be an issue that would need greater debugging from CLI.  If this is a new install that hasnt been moved into production yet, I would suggest re-imaging to the latest version of ACS (5.1 Patch level 3)


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Re: ACS 5.0


Can anyone send to me ACS 5.0  configuration document?? i don't know how to config acs 1120 appliance

Please, i need argent

Thanks for support

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