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ACS 5.1 nslookup

Greetings when trying to get my ACS 5.1 to connect to a AD i get the error message that the name cannot be resloved, I checked my config and the name-server is pointing to my AD DNS server (the AD server and the DNS server are the same machine), I can ping the ip address of the dns server, but when I enter the domain name in the AD configuration on the ACS it does not work.

can we create a hosts file on the ACS

Any ideas welcome.



Re: ACS 5.1 nslookup

This seems to relate to the following issue:

CSCtg49699: ACS 5 fails to join AD Domain
If ACS 5 was configured with an AD domain and was working fine, it will fail to join the Domain again if there are any changes in the AD infrastructure such as IP addresses of the AD Servers.
If this is the issue then the workaround I have seen documented is:
Reset the ACS to factory defaults. Make sure you still have the ACS License before doing
that because after the reset ACS will ask for the License.

This will be fixed in an upcoming patch of AS 5.2

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Re: ACS 5.1 nslookup

Thanks for that reply, im not sure that is the problem, as this is the second instance of the install that im trying it on, and get the same issue. I am running on a eval copy of the ACS 5.1 in my lab,  would there possibly be a restriction with that licence?

All indications point to name resolution, if i go onto the ACS and do a nslookup

ACS51/admin# nslookup

Trying ""

;; connection timed out ; no servers could be reached

I cannot resolve anything ???



Re: ACS 5.1 nslookup

This issue does not relate to the license.

If you have name resolution issue then it is not the same issue.

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Re: ACS 5.1 nslookup

Would you happen to know if we can create a hosts file on the ACS to see if I can get name re
solution working that way??

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