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ACS 5.2 Backups


It seems my incremental backups are not working. I can't see anything in the backup history to say it has failed or completed. I have taken full backups as I know this is  pre-requisite for incremental backups to work.

ACS Version :

I'm also seeing some funnys when running the full log backup. If I run the backup now command from the GUI it works without any errors. If I try it by using the schedule and setting to a daily schedule to start  in say 5 minutes time I see an error in the logs and get a mail sent with the following message. Yet when I check my backup folder on my FTP server I see the backup file there. It also shows it as a success in the backup history.

Also what is the repolock.cfg file do? When I open it has the word locked written in it. I think it got created when I did the first log backup.

Wed Nov 16 17:18:24 GMT 2011: backup acsviewdbfull_BRSPCR-ACS-APP1_20111116_171809.tar.gpg to repository FTP-KIWI-Log: success

Yet I see this error. Has anyone else seen this behaviour.

Cheers Jay

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