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New Member

ACS 5.2 LDAP authentication through groupMembership

Hi all,

I've succesfully configured ACS to authenticate users against our Novell DB through LDAP External Identity Store . With this setup all users having Novell account are authenticated.

There's an extra requirement that only users belong to group "Internet Access Users" can be authenticated. Running debugging on the ACS (5.2), I've been able to see that ACS can extract the user's group properties as bellow:

LDAP-response-search-entry-attr-value=groupMembership=cn=Internet Access Users\,ou=App Groups\,ou=ZENINTH\,o=Company

but I unable to create mapping/rules that filter this extra value. What I did is :

- Under External Identity Stores --> LDAP --> LDAP_Connection --> Directory Attributes, I added Attribute Name = "groupMembership", Type: "String", Policy Condition Name: "LDAP_Connection:groupMembership"

- Under Access Policies --> Internet Access --> Authorization, I create Rule-1 stated that "LDAP-LDAP_Connection:groupMembership contains cn=Internet Access Users", it will permitAccess. The default rules is denyAccess

But it seems it didn't work (never hit Rule-1)

Could anybody shed some lights ?

Thank you very much,

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