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ACS 5.4 authenticating 802.1x

Hi all,

Does anyone know why I am having troubles with Juniper SRX240 on ACS 5.4, its not behaving like the rest of my Cisco kit.

The good:

AAA   - ACS working OK for all switches/routers/firewall etc using TACACS+.

Dot1x -  phones, printer, and PC supplicants are all good using RADIUS on Cisco 3750s and 6509s.

Juniper - All devices working great with no Dot1x config. PCs hanging off 797x phones.  Phones all registered and UP on voice vlan.

The bad:

Juniper - Dot1x configured and ACS Monitoring and Reports tool shows GREEN entry and says all good!  But devices can't get a link.

Am I missing a custom attribute on ACS for the Juniper sessions?

I had to enter these two to get TACACS working properly for the Juniper box

- vsys          mandatory     root

- privilege     mandatory     root

Maybe I need something similar for RADIUS authorisations for supplicant devices too I don't know!

Also, do I need another Policy Element > Authorisation Profile on my ACS like the "cisco-av-pair device-traffic-class=voice", but an equivilent Juniper one to allow voice-vlan access?

Any help appreciated,


New Member

ACS 5.4 authenticating 802.1x

New Member

ACS 5.4 authenticating 802.1x


Yep I started there but had no luck and tried here.  BigResource is usually a great site I use it all the time, butI can't seemed to find any help on ACS authenticating dot1x supplicants, but Juniper SRX still denying access.

But thanks anyway for the suggestion Lenka.


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