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ACS 5.4 - Bulk Importing locations bug

Thought I would log this just incase it may help someone in the future...

While attempting to import a fair amount of locations into a new build of ACS 5.4 (5-4-0-46-4) via the gui I came a across an issue.

When the file containing the locations had one trailing space after each entry the gui would freeze at the point of 'initializing' and not report any usefull error.

I had to revert back to comandline to receive an error log

ssh into the box / vm


import-data {update | delete | add} {user | host | device | idgroup | ndg | dacl | cmdset} repository file-name result-file-name {abort-on-error | cont-on-error} {full secret-phrase | none | only-sec-repo | only-sec-files secret-phrase}

found in this link

removed the errors and it imported perfectly...

I would never had realised the issue with out the command line error log as the gui was freezing...

New Member

ACS 5.4 - Bulk Importing locations bug

Appreciate the for sharing this like this issue and even the solution.

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