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ACS 5.4 FTP \ in username


I have an ACS 5.4 with the latest patch installed and I want to add an external repository by FTP, except the FTP server is IIS 6.0 on Windows 2k3 and it requires the username to be: DOMAIN\username

It seems the \ character is not unsupported by ACS; GUI gives an error, CLI actually accepts the command but clears the \ from the running (replaces it with DOMAINusername)...

show repository in CLI fails because of this, IIS logs a username/password error in event viewer.

I also tried DOMAIN@username; username@DOMAIN.LOCAL (FQDN), username@DOMAIN... (also tried in lowercase)

anyone ever tried this?



Cisco Employee

Re: ACS 5.4 FTP \ in username


As far as I know ACS 5.x doesn't accept any special characters (\, /, @) in username field while creating repo and few other customers also faced the same issue. This is not supported with GUI and CLI. Last I checked this on ACS 5.3. You need to use a simple user account without any special character. I'll also check if there is any enhancement request filed to support this.

Jatin Katyal

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Guys has this issue ever got

Guys has this issue ever got a solution? I am having the same problem on ACS

It seems @ is allowed in the field but I have no confirmation that domain@username works fine.

Can anyone confirm domain@username works?



Microsoft team ended up

Microsoft team ended up fixing it in the Windows FTP server by assigning a default domain... check resolution 4 in the following link:

No fix in ACS as far as I know.


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Very well, works for me with

Very well, works for me with ACS 5.5 and IIS 6.0

I can use domain acc now without stating a domain.


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