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ACS 5.5 favorite reports dissapear after DB purge

Hi everybody,


I have an ACS 5.5 view server running 5.5 patch 4. I have quite a large deployment, so the database is purged on a regular basis.


I noticed that when I or other users create favorite reports these reports disappear after the DB purge. I can reproduce it on the view server, when I create a favorite reporte, start purge manually, after the purge is finished there is no entry any longer under favorites.


I can restore any other report, however the  favorite reports that I created never show up again.


I have a test ACS where I cannot reproduce it. The size of the DB on the productive server is around 60 GB.


ANy ideas why this is happening ?



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Please refer the BUG:ACS 5.x

Please refer the BUG:

ACS 5.x Favorite Report is not saved when Device Group is chosen
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Hi,no, it is not relevant. I


no, it is not relevant. I know the bug. I had it in patch 2, but I upgraded to patch 4 and it was ok.


I can successfully save reports - all kinds - as favorite. However it is consistent that they dissapear after the DB has been purged.

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I am seeing this same issue

I am seeing this same issue on ACS 5.5 Patch 6. Were you able to get this resolved?




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Hi, using this workaround: If


 using this workaround:


If the administrator is in a AD group only which is authorized for admin access, the reports dissapear. 

you need to configure the account under local administrators !  Just configure the account with some dummy password,and at least read-rights, doesnt matter as long as the user is in the external AD group.

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ACS 5.5 Favorite Reports

ACS 5.5 Favorite Reports disappear after db purge

Favorite Reports disappear after db purge.

Report is created by web gui user that is from external identity store (like AD), not created in ACS local admins.

Create local ACS admin user with the same username as external identity store user.

Further Problem Description:
It happens because purge job is checking the list of local ACS admins and if user that created favorite report is not found on that list, reports created by this user are being deleted.

Documentation needs to be updated on this behavior.

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