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ACS 5.x RADIUS VSA Configuration

I need to configure RADIUS VSA configuration for a my alvarion device. Following are the attributes that need to be configured.

- Packet Data Flow ID (ID 1, integer16)

- Direction (ID 4, integer8)

- Transport Type (ID 6, integer8)

- UplinkQoSID (ID 7, integer8)

- DownlinkQoSID (ID 8, integer8)

- Classifier (may be multiple instances) (ID 11, String)

    * ClassifierID (ID 1, integer8)

    * Priority (ID 2, integer8)

    * VLAN-ID (ID 9, integer16)

    * Classifier Direction (ID 4, integer8)

I was able to configure the first 6 attributes, how can I add the Sub - TLV's ClassifiedID, Priority, VLAN-ID and Classifier Direction which come under Classifier. Don't see any option for that in ACS 5.x


Thanks in advance.

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ACS 5.x RADIUS VSA Configuration

The method is to define an attribute with an octet or binary type and calculate the binary values…

VLAN-CS: Classifier Id=1 (010301), priority=0 (020300), direction = bi-directional (040303), CVID=61 (0904003D) --> 0103010203000403030904003D

Cisco ACS 5.x has an option to select the Attribute Type as Hex String, but unfortunately I could not find any option to add the value to the attribute (Policy Element> Network Access > Authorization Profiles and on the RADIUS Attributes tab). All Attributes with type Hex String and not shown at all.

How can I define a octet or binary type VSA attribute in Cisco ACS 5.x?

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