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ACS and VoIP authorization with SNON SIP Proxy

Hi. I really hope that someone can help me with this issue.

I'm trying to use Cisco Secure ACS v3.0 to authenticate users in a SIP Proxy Server(SNOM 4s). I'm a newbie using ACS but this is what i did...

First: i defined a AAA client call SNOM, with the appropiate IP, and shared secret key. Here is my first question : I defined this client to use RADIUS Cisco IOS/PIX protocol to authenticate... i really don't now if this is correct.

Here is the RADIUS message from the SNOM SIP Proxy... to see if someone can help me.

Radius Protocol

Code: Access Request (1)

Packet identifier: 0x29 (41)

Length: 121


Attribute value pairs

t:NAS IP Address(4) l:6, Value:

t:User Name(1) l:12, Value:"5557515889"

t:NAS Port Type(61) l:6, Value:Async(0)

t:Calling Station Id(31) l:30, Value:""

t:Vendor Specific(26) l:53, Vendor:Quintum(6618)

t:Quintum h323 conf id(24) l:47, Value:"h323-conf-id=2b6b593f-011b-4f6a-8017-0002a400"

the problem is that the ACS don't answer the request in any port ( i try 1812 and 1645), not even a Access Reject or something.

Second : I defined a User group called SNOM, which is a VoIP group, then i defined 3 users with UserID:5557515890 (a telephone number) in that group and assigned to the SNOM group.

Question : how can i be sure that the ACS is authenticating users against that group???..

The only thing that i want to do is authenticate a users that is in the User Table and then send a Access Accept.

Do i have to define something else in the group configuration?

Is compatible the SNOM SIP Proxy and the Cisco ACS?

Hope that someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

New Member

Re: ACS and VoIP authorization with SNON SIP Proxy

I am not too sure if they are compatible. I have not been able to find a document on this one too.

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