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guys i can download ACS v4.2.0.124 90-Days Evaluation Software from Guys its only 54Mb is that it.......if i download it so the the next step is to purchase the licence from that it.....guys all i can do is to put the licence into the softeare or the original software would be different??? i am bit evo software is complete one or do we have to purchased the full version???


Re: ACS Evo

Hi Guro,

ACS eval is a full software (for 90 days) and there is no license required for ACS windows. Once the 90 days period expires you need to reinstall full version of acs(need to purchase full version)



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Re: ACS Evo

After you used the eval, you can backup your config and restore it on the full version so you dont loose any data

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Re: ACS Evo

Thanks guys for your kind reply.....i need one more help.....the ACS server will b einstalled on windows 2003 the ACS will be doing AAA for wireless access all the wirless access points uses windows AD to get we already have one ACS install this is a backup one which we are intalling in the scenario do i have to ask the server team to clone the AD strcutre on backup or the backup will use th eprimary one??? secondly in ACS how we sysnc the windows AD make it short ACS will not do internal authn which tab in ACS we tell the ACS to do the windows AD authentoication.....guys plz help m eout thanks.....its my very first time with ACS......and i get so confuse as there are tens of doco's thanks again

Re: ACS Evo

You have to configure replication of ACS.

There was a defect CSCsk64715 in 4.1 where manual replication worked for the AD group mapping but not auto replication. This is fixed in 4.2

AD group mapping can be replicated.

Documentation for configuring replication:

Make sure to read this section:

Replication of Network Access Profiles contradicts the replication of Network Configuration Device tables; therefore, do not check both of these components at the same time. NAP settings will override all other settings. Dynamically mapped users are not replicated, only statically added users are replicated.

New Member

Re: ACS Evo

Thanks for your i have read the doco now what i have understand is as follow:

secondry server will replicate username and passwords from primary server

primary server has windows ad where all the user is authenticated (current scenario).

now what if the server dies the primary one physical how secondry will get the info....all i am trying to get my head around as i am v new to this.....

Re: ACS Evo

the authenticated users remain authenticated, the failover will handle the new users that try to login.

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Re: ACS Evo

Hi thanks again for your kind reply now one last question.......the current version on main ACS is the client is no financing for the upgrade.....but they need what i have in mind is (please correct the steps if i am wrong) i will do the follwoing

take backup of ACS primary

instal secondry ACS and will restore the file on backup taken from primary

in primary i will add aditional AAA server and will put the ip of secondry

in secondry i will put the AAA server primary ACS IP.

on wirless contoller i will add IP of secondry ACS.

is it right or wrong or do you want to add few things in still have to syn it with primary and yes how i will do that.....secondly while installing ACS it ask abt that will ACS use internal database or this scenario what shd i choose.....i have been told that primary uses windows AD....thanks again for your kind time and reply again...waiting for your response.

New Member

Re: ACS Evo

Hi again.....can you please help me out as i am abt to install th ebackup ACS

i need folllowing info

how primary and backup is identified in ACS group....i have primary installed but it has a secondry AAA config which was decommisoned long time back when i try to remov eit it gives error saying that its areplicating partner cant delete....what is the way to delete that.....secondly what parameters do i have to set so that secondry get all info from primary....i have installed the sofeware on secondry no wi thinking to add AAA server Ip of the primary what shd be the second step.....plz help m eout

Re: ACS Evo

you have to change the configuration, to make it not a partner anymore on the primary.

Did you read the configuration guide I sent earlier? It's well explained there:

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