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ACS how to limit AD max user sessions

I have WLC (7.4) that uses 802.1x auth with our ACS (5.3)

Our ACS connects to our AD as external identity.

How can I limit the max sessions per AD users

Access Policies > Max User Session Policy >  Max Session User Settings

-That would affect all my Access Policies

Access Policies > Max User Session Policy >  Max Session Group settings

-That only shows internal groups and doesnt reflect my AD external group.


For exemple certain AD users can have more sessions there other AD users

Can that be done?









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Cisco Employee

Hi Dash- Unfortunately there

Hi Dash-


Unfortunately there aren't any other options in restricting sessions for users in ACS. I had a similar request form a customer for ISE and ISE doesn't even support max sessions. I had requested that feature to be implemented so now we wait and see :)


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Dash,You can leverage the


You can leverage the group mapping feature where members of a certain AD group are mapped to a local group in ACS with the max sessions defined.


Tarik Admani


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Okay here is how yo do it.

Okay here is how yo do it.

In the "Access Services", you select & edit the service you want to use & check mark the group Mapping option in it.

Then you will see a "Group Mapping" option beneath the access policy that you just edited in the left panel of the ACS.

Now Select the "Group Mapping" option & select "Rule based result Selection" from the top. Now from the bottom right click "customize" & add in "AD:External Group"

Now you can specify conditions on for which AD Group you can MAP the Internal group & its related conditions i.e Max Session limitation.

Hope this helps.

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Okay here is how yo do it. 

Thanks Ahmed ! Worked like a charm !

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