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ACS SE 4.1 Replication issues

We have two servers. We have set the servers to replicate. We have ensured that the shared secret for self on the primary and shared secret for the primary server on the secondary are correct. I get an error that states:

Outbound Replication Cycle started.

ACS "Secondary" has denied replication request.

Outbound Replication Cycle completed.

Do i need to make a change in the Distribution table of my primary server? THis is actually pointing to the primary server. I have the proxy distribution entry on the secondary pointing toward the primary.

Thank you


Re: ACS SE 4.1 Replication issues


You need to have all four entries, i.e, 2 entries on Primary (One for self, and other for Secondary ACS server). And 2 on Secondary (One for self, and other for Primary ACS server) with same shared secret key.

And for the time being if you have placed ACS servers under any NDG, move them to (Not Assigned).

As in 4.x version, if you have any key configured at NDG level, it will override the key at AAA Client/Server level.

And I guess I have answered your second query in Fail over thread?



New Member

Re: ACS SE 4.1 Replication issues


I do not have any NDG yet. I have all this set up the same way as well as have the Proxy Distribution Table set up so that each is pointing to itself as a default. I am not sure where the issue lies. I do have a TAC case opened and will try it again with them on Monday. Thanks for the help.


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