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ACS SE 4.2- CLI access ONLY via serial?

Just want someone else to verify this.

Need to apply a patch to 4.2, so I run the autorun.bat file, etc, everything is working from a nice remotely-managed point of view UNTIL I have to stop CSAGENT. I can only access the CLI via serial connection? Is this by design? Why is the SSH command list so limited? Is the CLI via serial the only way to manage individual services (and access all those other useful commands)?



Re: ACS SE 4.2- CLI access ONLY via serial?

4.2 can have SSH :


Now, as you said, the only thing SSH allows on CLI is : RDBMS synchronization on the ACS Appliance.

Re: ACS SE 4.2- CLI access ONLY via serial?

The ACS is a closed system and SSH does not allow access to the Operating System, it's only use is for RDBMS synchronization.

So CLI via serial is the only way to manage the services.



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Re: ACS SE 4.2- CLI access ONLY via serial?

Thanks for the verification. I was assuming since the slick upgrade packages were all self-contained and able to run from pretty much anywhere on the network, that serial access would not be required for one crucial but simple step. It just seems completely backwards and counter-intuitive for pretty much any process in IT. My 2 cents. thanks.

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