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ACS Serial problem


I have 2 ACS SE.

However i cannot connect to the serial console on either of them, I have checked the settings and they are definatley correct.

I was able to connect to them upon install btw.

Also if i reboot them i get all the bios boot info then nothing, no prompt etc..

Do I need to enable something to make this work again??

Any ideas??

Thanks Scott


Re: ACS Serial problem

It seems that you did not follow the correct upgrade procedure. What software ver you upgrade it to? Did you run csupdate first?

New Member

Re: ACS Serial problem

Hi Scott

I have the same problem, but this has nothing to do with an upgrade like jgambhir said.

I would also welcome some help.



Re: ACS Serial problem


Which console cable did you use to connect? Make sure you are using cisco blue cable and DB9 connector.

This issue is also caused by incorrect cable type.



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Re: ACS Serial problem


Please check the following settings

Establishing a Serial Console Connection

Before you can perform the initial configuration of ACS SE, you must establish a serial console connection to it. This procedure requires a PC, two DB-9 to RJ-45 adapters (provided), an RJ-45 cable (provided), and terminal emulation communication software (Hyper Terminal or equivalent).

To establish a serial console connection:

Note If you performed the procedure in Connecting Cables, you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1 Connect a console to the serial console port on the back panel:

a. Attach a DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter (provided) to the serial port of the console.

b. Attach a DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter (provided) to the serial port of the ACS SE. For the location of the serial port, see Figure 1-3.

c. Use an RJ-45 cable (provided) to connect the console to the ACS SE.

Tip You may also use a serial concentrator connection, if desired.

Step 2 Power on ACS SE and the console, and open your terminal emulation communication software on the console.

Tip See Figure 1-2 for the location of the power switch on ACS SE.

Step 3 Set your terminal emulation communication software to operate with the following settings:

•Baud = 115200

•Databits = 8

•Stops = 1

•Flow control = None

•Terminal emulation type = ANSI

Result: The login: prompt appears.

If after this you are unable to have console access I will suggest to apply the console patch that will fix any console issue.

You can get this patch with TAC.

New Member

Re: ACS Serial problem

Hi erdelgad

sorry I didn't see your answer. Is this a special patch or is it integrated in the cumulative patches for the 4.2.124.x ACS?

Thanks a lot.


New Member

Re: ACS Serial problem


The cable you should use is a db9 to rj45 conversion piece and then on the other end you can use a regular console cable.

It is a special patch for this kind of issue but the only way to get this patch is throw TAC.

New Member

Re: ACS Serial problem


thanks, but I use the blue console cable from cisco and also the db9 connector, which was included in the acs engine box.

I tested with the "official" settings and also with any other combination of speed, parition and so on, but that didn't help.


Re: ACS Serial problem

Can you plug in the monitor to appliance and see what output you are getting?

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