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ACS upgrade help needed

Guys I am really new to ACS....I have routing and switching exp but dont have any security one....i need help...we have a ACS server v4.0 and we want to upgarde it to 4.2 i guess that is the latest version on cisco i have read few doco at cisco and i thought that i will take a backup and will upgarde the server and then restore the file....but life is not that much easy some time :-) There was a note which says that if you upgarde it the backup file will not work on the new server it will only work on a old one is that true as i cant sleep now......guys i need your help as i always get it from these forums....plz help me out....last thing is what is the easy way to upgrade ACS downloadable from thanks guys in advance .....have a nice one


Re: ACS upgrade help needed

ACS software upgrade are not on CCO and can be provided via TAC.

Here are the upgrade steps

1) 4.0---->4.1

2) 4.1--->4.2

We cannot restore the backup from 4.0 on 4.1, as it can be restored on the same code.

Best way here is to open a TAC case and they will help in upgrading ACS.

Let me know if you have any question.



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Re: ACS upgrade help needed

Thanks for your reply but our copmany is small and we cant open TAC me some other way or ref me a good doco to config ACS 4.2 what are the things which i have to copy from 4.0 Thanks

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Re: ACS upgrade help needed

I guess this doc should be helpful (if you havent looked at it)

i guess what you hv to do is to take back up upgrade it to 4.1(you shouldnt lose your config and database) if you lose it revert back and restore your backup and let TAC handle it.

if this goes smooth take a backup of 4.1 again upgrade it to 4.2.

i had upgraded from 3.2 to 4.2 SE

i hope this will be helpful do le me know any confusions or updates.

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