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ACS User duplicate

When any user dials to router which will create a user in ACS with the default group mapping .when i put him on domain authentication and in a group called dialup group.there will be another user created with the same name and when i delete the user and again when i try to delete the second user i find there is no delete button in the user's properties and when i do the same again noe more user will be created.please suggest me .i have ACS 2.6 build 4 on windows 2000.


Re: ACS User duplicate

You may try this: But be sure to schedule a maintenance period as this will stop the services. I strongly recommended to backup the ACS databse before doing this.

backup the current ACS database system config->acs backup

1. Go to the DOS window and go to the /utils directory

2. Enter the following (Beware that this will stop the service)

net stop csauth

csutil -d

csutil -n -l

net start csauth

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Re: ACS User duplicate

can you please describe the mentioned what it does ???


Re: ACS User duplicate


>net stop csauth

It will stop the csauth service

>csutil -d

user/group information would be exported to a TEXT file called DUMP.TXT

>csutil -n -l

-n option will create a new database, then -l will load the DUMP.TXT file content that you have created to the ACS newly created database.

>net start csauth

To start the csauth service.

What we accomplished here - we exported the users to a text file and then imported it back. By doing this, first we cleaned up the cache on the ACS server (dynamic user mapping), also we reclaimed the space for the deleted users in the database. When you delete the user from the ACS database, it doesn't reclaim the space the user hold unless you follow the above procedure. In your case, this will definitely help.



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