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ACS v3.3 service in hung state


The Secure ACS v3.3 is dual homed on Win2003 Servers. It runs normally everyday but a few days it failed responding to authentication and went in "hung" state.

Tried restarting the ACS service didn't help. The only fix found to be rebooting the server.

ACS logs following message everyday around 23:00 but I am unable to find "the" configured process that suspends CSAuth service.

"Service CSAuth has been suspended for a configured function to proceed.

Monitoring will suspend until the service is restarted."


Re: ACS v3.3 service in hung state

Whats your replication schedule look like ? Does the CSauth process hang at that time (thats the same message that shows up in the application log when scheduled replication occurs)

Are you using remote logging ?

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Re: ACS v3.3 service in hung state

Thanks for response.

The replication schedule is Every 10 minutes Oneway ie. from 1 >>> 2. But 1 is also configured to accept repliction from 2. The replication on 2 is configured as Manually. But the replication partner is not selected. I cannot say when CSauth process hangs cause its not showing in the logs. We are no using remote logging for TACACS.


Re: ACS v3.3 service in hung state

Scheduled events such as ACS backup, replication, editing groups in ACS Admin etc all cause CSAuth to be stopped.

Has to be one of these...

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Re: ACS v3.3 service in hung state

The backup is scheduled to run at 23:00 everyday. How should I find that this is the one caused issue 2 or 3 times previous month.

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