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ACS Windows vs ACS Appliance

I have ACS 3.3 running on Win2k and am looking to upgrade. Would it be a better idea to get the ACS appliance instead? What are the pros/cons?


Re: ACS Windows vs ACS Appliance


Personally I wouldnt choose an appliance over software. Cost aside they are harder to integrate (esp if you use AD), harder to diagnose and patch.

From experience I know ACS sometimes needs a little TLC to keep it working. ACS v3/v4 was not designed as appliance software. This has been retro-fitted with all the issues that go with it.

ACS v5 is supposed to be appliance from day 1 so maybe that'll be ok!

This is my own personal view, Im sure there are a lot of happy appliance owners out there.

Main differences

1) Appliance cant talk direct to AD. You need to install an agent somewhere (possibly requiring a dedicated windows server.. ouch what happened to lower TCO!)

2) No native ODBC, RSA (done via RADIUS instead)

3) Logging. CSVs hard coded to rollover at 10MB. Requires log agent or extraxi csvsync to collect logs.

If you like to be "hands on" stick with s/w

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