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AD group mapping to ACS

Hi All,

I am trying to create a series of group mapping between a single Windows group and a single ACS group. I am using a 4.1 ACS Appliance with a Windows ACS Remote Agent on a AD installed.

I can add the database successfully and map to the domain. When I create a new configuration, the Windows groups enumerate correctly. I configured downloadable ACL associated with each mapped group and when I used credentials created locally it prompted me for username and password and things going fine but when I used credentials reside on AD no actions had been taken. I checked the reports for the failed attempts I noticed the Authen-Failure-Code is Internar error.

Any helpful comments.


Re: AD group mapping to ACS

If you ever see "Internal Error" in the failed attempts it means you need TAC support.

Basically a condition has arisen that the engineer who wrote the software didnt explictely handle. In other words a bug.

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Re: AD group mapping to ACS

Hi Darpotter,

Its interesting to hear that from you, I'm ganna to open a case and I'll update you.

Many thx,


New Member

Re: AD group mapping to ACS


finally I have good news, The W2k3(R2) caused this issue. I installed the RA on a member server running W2k3 standard edition and magically RA start working and authintication had ben done successfully.


This recommendation not from the TAC enginner, from a gentleman experienced the same issue before.

Many thx

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Re: AD group mapping to ACS

Dear Mr Belal,

I had the same issue 2 weeks back, and finally i did the same action you have told us about, and i cannt belive my eyes as it's started working perfectly :)

Many Thanks as it was a big headache on me.


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