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Anyway to get authenticate from the router?

I have the following setup in the router:

aaa authenticatin login abc group tacacs+ enable

aaa authentication enable default group tacacs+ enable

But I forget to put in the following in the line:

login autnentication abc

I got the user/password prompt, but the authentication failed. Any idea how can I get authenticated other than to cold-start the router (since the aaa commands are not save)?

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Re: Anyway to get authenticate from the router?


If you have not applied the above statement to the line config it will try to take the default method, which will try to use the local database of the router to authentication.

So if you have a local username and password you can try with that, or else you might have to re-load the router.




Re: Anyway to get authenticate from the router?

Depend on what you had configured on the router. Did you configure the default authentication method?. If so, where are the default authentication method pointing to for authentication? To a tacacs+ server? Do you have a back door to local database? Have you created the local user database? Since you are getting the user/password prompt, it appears that you have had the default method list configured. Question is where is it pointing to for authenticarion. If its to tacacs+ then local or enable then you may want to shut down the tacacs+ services and then login to the device with fall back method whether its local, enable password to line password. If you are not sure about the config and haven't saved the config, then the best bet is to reload the router.

I hope this helps ! Thanks,


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