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autocommand via Radius?


I'm trying to get "autocommand"s to work using Radius validation.

To be specific:

A certain user ("ciscobackup") should have

o) its password validated via Radius

and then

o) a locally (i.e. within the IOS-config) configured autocommand should be run. This autocommand should back up the local config to a tftp-server.

In my box (C2950 running 12.1(14)EA1) I set up

username ciscobackup autocommand copy running-config tftp://<ip-addr>/<filename>

Basically things seem to work when I'm doing a local password authentication for this user - but it does not work when I'm doing Radius authentication.

In particular, when I'm authenticating the password of "ciscobackup" via Radius I end up with a command-prompt on the Box and the autocommand is not run.

Here are my questions:

o) When I do a "copy running..." by hand I've got to press <return> twice - how can this be accomplished via a configured "autocommand"? (i.e. I want this command to run without *any* user intervention)

o) What do I need to add/change in my C2950 and/or Radius-config in order to get this going?

Thanks much in advance for any clue,


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Tech. Details:

Radius-server: Cisco ACS 3.2

aaa-config on the C2950:

aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default group radius local

aaa authorization exec default group radius local

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Re: autocommand via Radius?

this is pretty strange. Any update on this ?

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Re: autocommand via Radius?


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Re: autocommand via Radius?


No unfortunately no - absolute no reply so far to my posting...


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