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Better control on network

Hi All,


I want to implement network access control system in a fashion that when someone from outside access our network (Wired/Wireless) he should not have direct access to our system. There must be some authentication, authorization and accounting.


System can be a Cisco, Miscrosoft or third party 

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The best solution you can get

The best solution you can get is Cisco ACS and its replacement Cisco ISE

Cisco Employee

I agree with Reza except I

I agree with Reza except I would recommend ISE over ACS. I think ACS is as good as dead at this point :) ISE offers a lot more features and functionality with the exception of TACACS+

Cisco Employee

Cisco ISE is a consolidated

Cisco ISE is a consolidated policy-based access control system that incorporates a superset of features available in existing Cisco policy platforms. Cisco ISE performs the following functions:

  • Combines authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA), posture, and profiler into one appliance
  • Provides for comprehensive guest access management for Cisco ISE administrators, sanctioned sponsor administrators, or both
  • Enforces endpoint compliance by providing comprehensive client provisioning measures and assessing the device posture for all endpoints that access the network, including 802.1X environments
  • Provides support for discovery, profiling, policy-based placement, and monitoring of endpoint devices on the network
  • Enables consistent policy in centralized and distributed deployments that allows services to be delivered where they are needed
  • Employs advanced enforcement capabilities including Security Group Access (SGA) through the use of Security Group Tags (SGTs) and Security Group Access Control Lists (SGACLs)
  • Supports scalability to support a number of deployment scenarios from small office to large enterprise environments
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