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Can Csico ACS do this?

I have two IBM servers dual quad-core processors with 48GB RAM on each

server. I run VMWare ESX 3.5 on these IBM servers. On top of these

two ESX servers, I run about 96 instances of gentoo linux on each of

these IBM servers. I run TACACS+ tac_plus on each of these gentoo

linux systems. I have 96 customers and each customers have about 100+

cisco devices that I have to manage. I gave each customer two gentoo

linux servers for running TACACS+ with redudancies. This way, each

customer has their own tacacs+ servers. It has worked out pretty

well so far. The good things about this is that each customer has

their own AAA accounting log. No sharing log whatsoever. If customer

A demands AAA accounting logs for their device, I can provide customer

A aaa log within minutes.

Now I would like to consolidate everything with Cisco ACS. I know

that I can create separation for each customer with Network

Access Restrictions (NAR) but my question is this:

- Is there a way for me separate AAA accounting log for customer A,

customer B, C, ..Z? Is it possible?



Re: Can Csico ACS do this?

No, with acs it is not possible. You should go for Extraxi reporting software , that can present customized reports.

I'm not sure if it works on Linux. Dan from Extraxi should able to answer it.




Re: Can Csico ACS do this?

Thanks Jgambhir. Is this something that Cisco

will add into ACS in the future? Cisco ACS

is really a good product but I am suprised

that it can not do this.

Re: Can Csico ACS do this?

Here you go..Presenting Cisco View

Purpose built and enhanced reporting engine to support Cisco Secure Access Control Server deployments

Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS) View provides the highest level of reporting, alerting, and troubleshooting functions for Cisco Secure ACS deployments. Providing maximum visibility into configured policies and authentication and authorization activities across the network, Cisco Secure ACS View is the ideal solution for organizations that require the greatest levels of reporting and control.

Cisco Secure ACS View provides:

* Aggregate views of system activity at the transaction level for both network access and device administration

* Comprehensive view of network monitoring and planning, access problem detection and troubleshooting, and entitlement and compliance reporting

* Web-based user interface that simplifies generating and accessing predefined and custom reports

* Alert capabilities with thresholds and triggers on authentication activity for early detection of abnormal operation or trends



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