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Can ISE change the voice VLAN dynamically?


I have scenario where I need to change the Data and Voice VLAN on the same port? I mean that if the Data vlan is x, the voice VLAN must be on this port as vlan y.

From the authorization page, I can assign multiple authorization profiles un each configuration line, but how I can change the voice VLAN for the port through the ISE?

Is it supported, or not? I treid to change the VLAN tag, but I'm not sure if this can help.



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Can ISE change the voice VLAN dynamically?

Use the following link to define the VLAN names, numbers, and SVIs based on known

enforcement states in your network. Create the respective VLAN interfaces to enable routing between

networks. This can be especially helpful to handle multiple sources of traffic passing over the same

network segments

For more information, please go through this link at page no 1095:

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Can ISE change the voice VLAN dynamically?

It won't be as easy as changing the data VLAN but you might be able to do this via "Auto Smart Port" I am not sure if this would work as I have not tested it but I don't see any reasons why it shouldn't.

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You can change the Voice VLAN

You can change the Voice VLAN just like the Data VLAN by setting the VLAN variable, but for this to work with telephony devices (including TelePresence), you also need to check the Voice Domain Permission checkbox.


Lastly, don't forget to assign a DACL.


This worked for me in an environment with ISE 1.2 (Patch level 3) and Catalyst 3650 running IOS XE 03.03.05.

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