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Can you import list of network devices to ACS5.4?


I am installing ACS5.4 in my enviorment. I can't seem to find a way to import my devices. It would be a real pain if I had to create one entry at a time.

Is there an import CSV option or something? An auto-discovery?

Thanks for your reply.

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Can you import list of network devices to ACS5.4?

In fact I did find the option to import csv file.. I used the template and filled out the neccesary fields. However none of my objects were succesfully imported. I get the below error messages?

2014-01-18 00:07:42: File Format Validation Completed

2014-01-18 00:07:42:  Import Started

2014-01-18 00:07:42: Record number: 1, Network Device  ecprifnws6kpm01: Import Failed

2014-01-18 00:07:42: ecprifnws6kpm01:  Referenced object not foundLocation:ECDC.

2014-01-18 00:07:42: Record  number: 2, Network Device ecprifnws6kpm02: Import Failed

2014-01-18 00:07:42:  ecprifnws6kpm02: Referenced object not foundLocation:ECDC.

2014-01-18  00:07:42: Record number: 3, Network Device ecprifnws6kcr01: Import  Failed

2014-01-18 00:07:42: ecprifnws6kcr01: Referenced object not found Location:ECDC.

Can you import list of network devices to ACS5.4?


You will have to create an object group, also are you using information from an old ACS 5.x installation or is this from ACS 4.x?

Let me know a little detail or background on what you are trying to migrate, you may need to create the user group that you are trying to map the users to.


Tarik Admani
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