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Cisco Access Registrar 4.0.1 problem

Our client use Cisco AR 4.0.1-lnx24 software. They using LDAP authentication database mixed encrypted passwords (ssha,crypt). When a crypt encrypted password requested, the AR process reloading. The PasswordEncryptionStyle variable setting is dynamic. They have an another problem: the tunnel related attributes not correct in the account.log. All other attributes logging correctly with name, the tunneling support feature attributes logging with attribute number. They used Cisco AR 3.x.x earlier, there was the account.log correct with proper names of tunneling feature attributes. Any idea?


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Re: Cisco Access Registrar 4.0.1 problem

Cisco Access Registrar (AR) 4.1 provides RADIUS authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) services for service providers and enterprises. Cisco AR supports service provider deployment of access services by centralizing AAA information and simplifying provisioning and management.

Cisco AR is a standards-based Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) and proxy RADIUS server designed for high-performance, extensibility, and integration with external data stores and systems.

Cisco AR supports a range of access technologies from traditional dial and broadband to wireless LANs and mobile wireless. Cisco AR supports the latest wireless authentication protocols such as Extensible Authentication Protocol and Protected EAP used in wireless LAN deployments. Cisco AR also is able to make real-time AAA requests to billing systems to support prepaid applications.

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