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Cisco ACS and an external database


A client of mine is currently running ACS 2.6 on a Windows NT server. They have configured the Unknow User Policy to check the local Windows Database for any users that are not found in the ACS internal database. Is there any way to import their password from the Windows external database to the ACS internal database? What I have read below seems to tell me that this is not possible.

CiscoSecure ACS does not import passwords for a discovered user; rather, CiscoSecure ACS creates the user account with the Password Authentication list set to the external user database that originally authenticated the user.

I know another option is to use the RDBMS Synchronization but it looks to me like if I were to add the password I would need to add it manually for each user.



Re: Cisco ACS and an external database

I'm unclear on why you want Windows passwords in ACS. What is not working or what are you trying to accomplish?

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Re: Cisco ACS and an external database

We are trying to migrate from a Windows NT server running ACS 2.6 to an ACS appliance. The users on the Windows NT box are local only and not part of the current AD domain. We would like to import all users including the ones from the Windows NT database into the ACS then migrate to the ACS appliance.

Re: Cisco ACS and an external database

I think replication is the only way to do it.

Re: Cisco ACS and an external database


For replication software ver of both acs has to be same.

I would suggest you to upgrade existing acs to 4.x. It is bit long process but that is the only way.

But why you want to get password for windows users ? This info in the AD and not in acs. ACS forward request to AD for password lookup. So that doesn't matter if acs is 2.x or 3.x.

It seems you want to upgrade acs database. In that case you need to upgrade acs to the code you want.

1) Upgrade ACS to 3.0.4

2) Upgrade ACS 3.0.4 to ACS3.3.3.3

3) Upgrade 3.3.3. to 4.1

4) Take backup and restore it on appliance



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