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Cisco ACS and RSA Tokens !!!

Hi Folks,

I am currently deploying the Cisco ACS (ACS with RSA Tokens.

Please let me know the scenario or best practices for this kind of delpoyement.

1) My Cisco ACS Server (Windows Based) is currently intergrated with MS AD.

2) I want to Use the RSA Taken for my Domain Users which are currenly mapped with Cisco ACS.

Any comments please.



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ACS and RSA Tokens !!!

Hi, Mubasher!

You'll need to install the RSA token-card client software on your ACS. You should install and configure your RSA SecurID token server before configuring ACS to authenticate users with it.

To configure ACS to authenticate users with an RSA token server:

1. Install the RSA client on the computer that is running ACS (Check that your token server is available from ACS).

2. In External User Databases->database Configuration choose RSA SecurID Token Server.

If no RSA SecurID token server configuration exists, the Database Configuration Creation table appears. Otherwise, the External User Database Configuration page appears.

3. Create New Configuration and configure it as you wish. On configuration page ACS should display the name of the token server and the path to the authenticator dynamic link library (DLL). This information confirms that ACS can contact the RSA client.

You can add the RSA SecurID external user database to your Unknown User Policy or assign specific user accounts to use this database for authentication.

"Using RSA Token-Card Client Software" section of ACS 4.2 User guide has more details.

Cheers, Iron

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