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Cisco CAM suddenly standby


Please help me,

I have 2 Cisco CAM, one is active and other standby. The active is suddenly standby but the CAM Manager can't work.

I have checked in event log, there are not error messages for this event.

Anyone have a clue ?

Best Regards,

Rizal Ferdiyan


Cisco CAM suddenly standby

What version of clean access are you on? If it is 4.7.2 then i think the issue is with the tempdb not dropping properly thus stopping the services on the standby, which can lead to the issue if the CAM went down and you didnt have the standby up and running.

Check this bug to see if you are hitting the issue, easiest way to replicate this is to issue a "service perfigo start" on your standy cam and see if you see this message after about 5 to 10 minutes:

Stopping postgresql service: [  OK  ]
Starting postgresql service: [  OK  ]
temporary verification database DROP DATABASE
temporary verification database CREATE DATABASE
control database DROP DATABASE
ERROR:  database "tempdb" is being accessed by other users
Database synced

Here is the bug that i think you are hitting -


Tarik Admani

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