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Cisco ISE 1.1 and IE9

Is anyone else having problems with ISE admin/monitoring pages not working properly under IE9?  I just completed an upgrade to ISE 1.1, and it seems more and more, when I try to manage the system with IE9, I will get the following error (host name changed to protect the inocent). I dont know if this is truly an IE9 issue, or the chrome plug-in we are forced to use.  Works perfect under Firefox 11.0.

This webpage is not available

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error.


Cisco ISE 1.1 and IE9

I think you need to select the IE8 compatibility mode in the browser

New Member

Cisco ISE 1.1 and IE9

Same issue here.  Works fine with Chrome and FireFox, but we typically don't allow these browsers in our environment.

Cisco Employee

Cisco ISE 1.1 and IE9

Supported Administrative User Interface Browsers

You can access the Cisco ISE administrative  user interface using the following browsers:

•Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (applicable for  Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux-based operating systems)

•Mozilla FireFox 9 (applicable for Windows,  Mac OS X, and Linux-based operating systems)

•Windows Internet Explorer 8

•Windows Internet Explorer 9 (in Internet  Explorer 8 compatibility mode)

Cisco ISE GUI is not supported on  Internet Explorer version 8 running in Internet Explorer 7 compatibility mode.  For a collection of known issues regarding Windows Internet Explorer 8, see the  "Known Issues" section of the Release Notes for the Cisco Identity Services  Engine, Release 1.1.

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