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CISCO ISE Active Users

HI everyone.

Is it possible to see all the users that have been logged and allowed by Cisco ISE, and that are currently active; and to force them to log off or end up their connection? (for example, users that have to authenticate in a Guest Portal)

How can we do it?. 



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Hello, The ISE keeps a record



The ISE keeps a record of all the users and you can see the active users.


This should be under monitoring I dont recall the specific tab but I know this is possible.



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Operations, Authentications,

Operations, Authentications, Show live sessions. From there you can force a CoA or Terminate a session. It's a per-user action.

See the Total Endpoints widget on the home page and click on it to drill down into endpoints for further breakdown.

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Hello Marvin, and thanks for

Hello Marvin, and thanks for the answer. One of our customers are reporting they cannot see all the users in this page. It only shows few ones, but not all users that are authenticated. Is it supposed to show all active users? 

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Can you tell us if they are

Can you tell us if they are not seeing users from the wired or the wireless network?

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They are not seeing users

They are not seeing users from the wireless network. They want to see a complete list that shows all the current active users, and to be able to deauthenticate them.

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As long as all those WLAN IDs

As long as all those WLAN IDs are set to authenticate users via ISE, they should show up in the page I indicated. I have done several implementations and this has always been the case (as it is documented to work).

If you're not seeing the same, you should probably open a TAC case to walk through the setup to investigate.

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Thanks a lot. Just one

Thanks a lot. Just one question. In ISE we have HOME, MONITOR, POLICY, and ADMINISTRATION. I think the client is looking in the MONITOR tab and there, they find a similar option to "Show live sessions". Is this because of the ISE version, or is it due to a different license? (We dont have OPERATIONS tab)


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The "show Live Sessions"

The "show Live Sessions" option is a feature of ISE 1.2 and later. If the customer is running an older version (1.1.x) then they will not see it. 


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