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Cisco ISE Certficate authentication Profile - Recommended Subject identifier


1. I wanted to know what would be the recommended subject identifier that should be used in Certificate authentication profile when doing EAP TLS with Active Directory - CA.



2. I am trying to use Subject - DNS Name but when issuing Certificate for a user from AD CA with DNS Name SAN value checked it fails and the following error is shown failed requests

"DNS Name is unavailable and cannot be added to the subject alternate name" (I maybe missing some user configuration in AD that makes DNS name for a user??)

For computers its issuing the certificate.. No Issues

Thank in advance for your help.


Mudasir Abbas


Cisco Employee

Not a cert expert by any

Not a cert expert by any means but that error message does makes sense. Your domain computers automatically get a DNS record when joined to the domain. However, there is no DNS entry for your users. So for your users I would recommend that you build your certificate templates based on the SAN - Email or the Common Name. If you use the SAN-Email, make sure that your AD users do have their e-mail address listed in their domain accounts. 

Hope this helps!


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