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Cisco ISE - CWA redirect in another way than cisco-av-pair?


I'm trying to set up ISE as a CWA.

I have made all the rules in both Authenticatin and Authorization, and I also see the clients hitting the right rules. The Authorizaton rule redirects the client to a captive web portal within ISE like this: cisco-av-pair = url-redirect=https://ip:port/portal/gateway?sessionId=SessionIdValue&portal=etc.


But here is the problem: We use Aerohive as Accesspoints. And Aerohive does not support cisco-av-pair attributtes, since it's Cisco proprietary.

Therefore, even if ISE says everything is fine, it's not, because Aerohive does not understand what's been sent to it.

So the big question: Is there way to make the same redirect using standard radius attributes?


Thank you.


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Unfortunately there isn't. I

Unfortunately there isn't. I have done a project with ISE and Aerohive before and outside of basic 802.1x authentications, I was not able to deploy any of the other ISE features. There isn't an interoperability guide for ISE but just a compatibility one:

If could be wrong here so if someone else has done this before pls chime in.


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Hello, and thank you for

Hello, and thank you for answering.

It's a shame.

Cisco ISE is an excellent product that for the most part can be used on many vendors of wifi equipment, so why not take the full step to broaden their customer base? Here's hoping..

That said, is there a way at all to make url redirect happen with standard radius attributes?

And is there a place where it is possible to make a change request for this?


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I hear your frustration but

I hear your frustration but perhaps we are looking at this problem from the wrong angle. We know that ISE supports CWA now we need to figure out what Aerohive supports. Can you check with them and see if they support CWA and/or LWA and if yes with what attributes. ISE is a radius server and it supports a lot of Radius attributes and it even let's you import/create your own dictionaries as well. 


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