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Cisco ISE LDAP - Error Subject <userid> is not found

Greetings Experts!


I have configured ISE Admin Access authentication to a LDAP External Identity Store. BIND Tests to Primary and Secondary LDAP Server is successful. I have configured the major/top domain (DC=test,DC=company,DC=com) ) to see if a user id is found but is not. When I do the same BIND test (same service account credentials) using "ldp" utility in Windows 7 I can find the users under the Base DN Container as well as absolute path (

OU=Users,OU=TestDept,OU=TestEnv,DC=test,DC=company,DC=com) to the actual DN container.

Directory Organization Configuration on ISE:

Subject SearchBase DN: OU=Users,OU=TestDept,OU=TestEnv,DC=test,DC=company,DC=com

Group Search Base DN: DC=test,DC=company,DC=com

Error noticed on ISE Debug Log is:

Server,24/02/2014,08:13:38:869,WARN ,1225325456,cntx=0056723840,user=TESTUSER,LdapSubjectSearchAssistant::checkForErrors: subject TESTUSER is not found,LdapSubjectSearchAssistant.cpp:158

When tested on a Windows machine

c:\>dsquery user -name TESTUSER


Am I missing something here?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Cisco ISE LDAP - Error Subject <userid> is not found

Apparently the WLC can do it fine with Local EAP:

PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2 are also supported but only if the LDAP server is set up to return a clear-text password.

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Found the problem.After

Found the problem.

After analysing various packet captures, I noticed that ISE is placing a userPrincipalName LDAP search query for the UserID provided during Logon. When I simulated the same LDAP query using LDP utility on Windows 7, it didn't give me any results however, it did if the filter was for sAMAccountName or CN. I checked the userPrincipalName values in our Domain Controller and found that we are using <userid>@<domainname> format. I then tried to login using <userid>@<domainmain>, it worked.

Note that we do have Groups and Attribute options in LDAP Identity store but those values don't come into action unless userPrincipalName search is successful. Also, I noticed that Groups and Attributes are mainly used for Authentication Policies and to reach that point/step, we first have to get a success response for"userPrincipalName" search.

I have submitted a TAC case to see if there is any way I can place a sAMAccountName search query instead of userPrincipalName LDAP filter.

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Resolution:Under General Tab-


Under General Tab-> Use Custom Schema instead of AD Identity Source. Once you select Custom, define the ObjectClass, LDAP Search Filter etc and Thats it!

- BTW - I got this answer from TAC. :)

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Hi I do have a similar

Hi I do have a similar problem.

I try to use LDAP to Access AD for admin authentication.

Could you please specify the working parameters?
Subject Objectclass: <AD Default=Person>
Subject Name Attribute: <AD Default=UserPrincipalName>
Group Objectclass: <AD Default=Group>
Group Map Attribute: <AD Default=memberOf>

I changed to Custom with Parameters:
Subject Objectclass: <User>
Subject Name Attribute: <sAMAccountName>
Group Objectclass: <Group>
Group Map Attribute: <memberOf>

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