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Cisco ISE v1.1

I'm looking for Cisco ISE v1.1 to use the following licensing feature.

Endpoint is dynamically profiled by Cisco ISE and assigned  dynamically or statically to an endpoint identity group. Cisco ISE authorization  rules do not use this endpoint identity group.

End result: As of Cisco ISE 1.0, one license from  Base package is used up and one license from Advanced package is used up. By  Cisco ISE 1.1 scenario this scenario will be fixed to use up only one license  from Base package. Because profiled identity group is not used in the  Authorization Policy, no Advanced license is consumed.
Last time I heard, v1.1 is due in first week of December, I would like to know if that is true.
Cisco Employee

Cisco ISE v1.1

First quarter of 2012 is the last date I heard.


Cisco ISE v1.1

There is a release that may include some relevant functionality for this licensing issue

Version on CCO is ise-appbundle-


text from release notes reads as follows:

The Cisco ISE, Release 1.0.4 implements a change that Cisco ISE cannot consume advanced licenses when endpoints are statically assigned to a profile. The number of endpoints that are dynamically profiled can only be compared against the limit of the advanced licenses. The endpoints that are statically assigned to a profile are now excluded from utilizing licenses included in the advanced license package, but they are still compared against the limit of base licenses. Earlier in the Cisco ISE, Release 1.0, it compares the total number of concurrent endpoints across the entire deployment against the limit of the advanced licenses.

Cisco ISE v1.1

FYI, Now Cisco ISE 1.2 has been released.

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