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Cisco ISE windows workstation endpoint profiling

Hi all, i am configuring cisco ISE to autenticate wireless clients using 802.1x . AP's are all lightweight managed by a cisco 5508 WLC . I would like to discriminate users accessing that wlan using mobile phones or tablet from users connecting using windows workstations. ISE profiles all mobile devices in the right way, iphones and ipad are profiled as apple devices and even MAC OSX devices are profiled correctly. The problem is that all windows workstation are profiled as unknown devices.In ISE i'm using windows workstation default profile configuration. what can i check to make windows workstation profile working correctly? Thanks in advance. Regards
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Please update the profiler

Please update the profiler from profiler feed service

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hi salodh and thanks for your

hi salodh and thanks for your reply. I updated the profiler succesfully yesterday but microsoft workstation are still showed as unknown device


can you specify which windows

can you specify which windows OS you are having problem profiling

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i tried windows 7 and windows

i tried windows 7 and windows 8 workstations with same result

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i noticed that default

i noticed that default profile for microsoft workstations uses dhcp probe to profile devices, so i solved the issue adding in our core switch, to the vlan interface used to tag dot1x wireless lan,  ise ip address as ip helper-address. I don't know if that is the best solution or there's something i can do on WLC to avoid adding ip helper-address on vlan interface but this worked for me.

Thanks to all for helping me.


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